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All About Ramadan Dates

Ramadan Dates

The Ramzan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, and on this time Muslims across the world will fast during the hours of daylight.The Islamic year is a lunar year, so Ramzan moves forward by 10 or 11 days each year. The Ramadan is coming different time to previous time always.

The Ramadan is not coming on same time. The day of Ramadan begins is decided by the sighting of the new moon.The “Ramadan” word is derived from an Arabic word there means heat, scorched ground and shortness of food and liquid.

The holy month of Ramadan traditionally begins with a new moon sighting, marking the start of the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. Many Muslims except children, the sick and the elderly abstain from food, liquid, sexual relationship and certain other activities during daylight hours in fest.

Gossiping and war are also prohibited in this period. In a world approximately 1.6 billion Muslims are have and maximum all are participate on Ramadan fest (doing fast and doing charity work) because Ramadan is one of biggest fest of Muslims religions and also most important fest of all Muslims.

Ramadan Dates

At the time Muslims doing fast and devotion of Allah (Muslim god) Ramadan is celebrated as the month in which the prophet Mohammed received the 1st of the revelations that make up the Quran.

Ramadan dates: – 15th of May up to 14th of June. The Ramadan is going on 30 days. Ramzan is also a longer fest of Muslims.

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