Ramadan Mubarak 2018 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Status, Greetings and Shayari

Ramadan Mubarak 2018 Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Status, Shayari, Greetings, Images, Wallpapers, Pictures

Happy Ramadan Kareem Best Wishes 2018

Everyone must be gearing up for Ramadan 2018 as it is the most spiritual and exciting time for Muslims all over the globe. This is why it is important to keep in mind that we have to wish others around us a happy and blissful Ramadan through beautiful Ramadan wishes 2018. If this thought has not struck your mind as yet, start thinking about it soon as Ramadan Kareem wishes are the only way you can connect with your peers, near and dears ones and of course relatives before the time of Ramadan regarding the holy month of fasting itself.

Ramadan Mubarak wishes could be of any type as long as they are not disrespecting the Islamic traditions, culture and the holy month of fasting that is Ramadan itself. Whoever thinks that the Ramadan Mubarak wishes have to be truly serious are actually not very right, as they can be inherently funny too. Some people like to take a humorous side whenever they talk about Ramadan and fasting in particular and there is no harm in that as long as no disrespect is being given to the above-mentioned things. There are, however, other ways of wishing your loved ones a happy and prosperous Ramadan.

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One element that needs to be there in all kinds of Ramadan wishes 2018 is that they have to be incorporated with compassion. One thing that is majorly missing from the world, particularly the Muslim world is that we lack a lot of compassion and there is little or no importance given to the idea of kindness towards other humans. This is the reason why Ramadan Kareem Wishes 2018 can be extremely helpful in bridging this kind of a social gap between all of us and make us come closer to each other in the simplest yet most beautiful way.

Choose your medium of sending these Ramadan greetings wishes wisely as that also depends on what kind of impact will be left on the reader. You can obviously make use of social media but avoid cliched Ramadan Kareem wishes as they will not only be forgotten within a few moments but hold very little weight in bridging the social gap that was discussed earlier on. If Muslims become one unit and come closer to each other on the basis of these kind and little gestures, the outside world would be in awe and would want to follow our model.


Stick to basics while sending away your Ramadan Mubarak wishes to love one. There is no point of using flowery language that the other person might not even be able to comprehend. Use very simple words but words that have truly come out of your heart. Any Ramadan wishes that do not come from the heart and are only made up, always are forgotten and seem to be meaningless. Make your Ramadan greetings wishes stand out amongst all the receivers so that your fellow Muslims, loved ones and relatives would remember that you sent them the most heartfelt Ramadan wishes. They might even start praying for you for that day on.

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